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Central South Carolina Mustang Club

Member of the year: 

Winner(s) of the Award of Member(s) of the year for the club: 

2016 Member of the Year: Dianne McGauley

2017 Member of the Year: Ron Wagner

2018 Member(s) of the Year: Charlie & Erin Boyd

2019 Member(s) of the Year: Brian & Cindy Miles

2020 Member of the year: Cindy Miles

Club Member(s) of the Year

Club members will have a chance to earn the title of being the club member of the year.

Members will earn points based on how much they participate in and with the club through out the year.

Points are earned from November to November of each year. Starting after the Annual Club Meeting and

will continue through out the year until the next annual meeting.

Form must be completed and turned in at the Annual Meeting in November.

A committee/officers will approve forms for submissions of points to be tallied.

Confirmation will be collected from many forms to include but not be limited to: Meeting sign in sheets,

Pony Wrangler participation sheets, post of pictures from club activities, events listing, etc.

The member(s) with the most points will win the title of member of the year.

Those members in the top ten of points will have their names added to a drawing for some great prizes.

Member of the year award will be given out at the club annual Christmas Party on the first Saturday of December

along with the special drawing for the members in the top ten of points.

You must be an active, participating member to gain in the points!

Member of the year form is below: Print and fill out as the year goes to help keep track of your activities.

Member of the Year Forms are Due at Annual Meeting in November each year.

Central SC Mustang Club Members Only (Dues paying members)

Upcoming Events

Columbia Car Meets

Saturday, Jun 5 at 8:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Cars & Coffee Columbia

Saturday, Jun 12 at 7:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Club Get Together

Saturday, Jun 19 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Pony Tales Deadline

Sunday, Jun 20 All Day

Recent Photos